Community Education

The Coffee Lab is designed to serve as a community education center, in addition to a roastery and research laboratory. Utilizing 15 years of history and industry connections, we've been able to launch public classes to help connect with and share our knowledge with the campus community. 



Engineering students are currently working on creating a device for the coffee roaster that will allow green coffee beans to be pumped up into the roaster funnel. This will streamline the coffee roasting process and allow the engineering students to apply concepts learned in class to create solutions. By the end of their project, they will have a basic understanding of the operation of our donated Probatino 12 roaster.


Students in an interdisciplinary class, called "From Seed to Cup", have partnered with student organizations on campus to create a personalized coffee blend for each organization. The students have the opportunity to design the label, experiment and sample different coffee blends, and meet with these client organizations. The profits of the coffee created and sold by the student organizations will be used for social causes and supporting the student community.



Students in accounting classes use data collected from the Coffee Lab sales, packaging, and production to create reports and data that helps determine where the strengths and weaknesses of the business are, and make recommendations on where we can improve. They have the opportunity to apply skills learned from their classes on a real school business. 


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