Our Farmer Collaborators

We proudly partner with small-plot indigenous Guatemalan farmers, a partnership we have cultivated for over 15 years. Below are portraits of some of our partners taken during our travels to Guatemala. They cultivate their coffee with great pride and skill, and it shines through the taste of each cup.  
More portraits of our farmers to come! 

Portraits taken by Harle Photography



“At about 12 or 14 years old I began working on coffee plantations. There, I learned how to cultivate coffee. Little by little, we planted our own coffee.

Now, my children have their own small coffee farms. Thank you to you who buy our coffee. You are helping us. The coffee from here in the highlands is of high quality”


“Welcome to the heart of coffee. Here in Guatemala, especially in San Lucas Toliman, we produce high quality coffee.

Our people and our families benefit from the jobs that coffee farming provides”




"First we thank God, and also thank all of you for keeping us and our coffee in mind.”



“This coffee is made with lots of effort from each family, including spouses and children. Everyone works together. Thank you for buying our coffee at the best possible price.”



"I am 58, almost 59 years old. I feel happy I am still able to work. Greetings directly to our consumers of our coffee. Because of them, we are improving our lives here in Guatemala."




"We know that coffee is consumed daily. Our purpose is to put out a superior coffee so that people consume our product."


“I am very grateful to them, those in the United States. They help us here in San Lucas. They help us through the coffee that they buy. They pay a little more in order to help us. Thank you very much!”





“The coffee harvest is of great benefit to our family...it allows us to provide for the family and helps us with everything. Our coffee being roasted and sold to people in other countries allows for them to get to know something about our work and what we do here in Guatemala. I hope they continue to enjoy the coffee and know that when they drink the coffee there, they support us here.”



"I am a beekeeper and a small-plot farmer. I hope that, with God, we continue to harvest and sell coffee to meet our goal of continuing forward with our family.We strive together as a family."





"I began planting coffee in 1990. With coffee, thanks to God, I have been able to move my children forwards in their studies.

One is a translator. The other two are bookkeepers. They all support themselves.

These are the blessings I have reached with coffee. Drink Guatemalan coffee because it is our product."



"To you who get our coffee there (in the U.S.), we are very grateful that you help us.

You know that we here, we have children, and they want many things that we can't give them.

But with the help you give us, we put together a little money, and we are very grateful."





"My family and I are very grateful.

Through the coffee we have sold year after year, we have succeeded in purchasing more land and a simple house."



"The coffee from San Lucas is the best coffee there is, the best high-altitude coffee.

It's excellent coffee.

You can buy and try the coffee. I drink 4-6 cups a day myself."