12 oz. Bundle: Guatemala & Roaster's Choice

12 oz. Bundle: Guatemala & Roaster's Choice

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Avid Coffee Lover?

This bundle comes with two bags of 12 oz. coffee including one bag of our Guatemalan coffee roasted to your preference. The second bag of 12 oz. coffee is our Roaster's Choice which is roasted to a medium level.

Our signature Guatemala coffee: Shade grown in rich volcanic soil, our coffee is produced and harvested at an ideal altitude of 5,200-6,000 ft. This coffee has tasting notes of cocoa, citrus, peach, berries, slight floral, and caramel.

Roaster's Choice: This is a great way to expand your palette and try new and different roasts from around the world. Each shipment, you will receive a new single-origin or blend selected by our coffee lab team.